Audio Sermons

God’s Expectations: Our Responsibilities

Preacher: Bro. Olufemi Bolarinwa
Date: Auguste 30, 2015

Victories Over Life Battles

Preacher: Pastor Gbenga Owotoki
Date: Auguste 23, 2015

Walking Alone with God

Preacher: Bro. Emmanuel Akande
Date: Auguste 2nd, 2015

There are times in life when it appears we are about to give up everything despite a tremendous success we have achieved in the past it is during this time we realize talent, skills, experience, wealth, potentials and popularity are no longer enough. Walking with God provide a unique opportunity to access God supernatural abundance, It helps believers access the secret that are not so exposed to ordinary Christians therefore, true Christians are expose to an endless of God presence in every aspect of life, It helps Christian to focus on spiritual things rather than mundane things of this world, It helps to avoid every distraction and provide us an opportunity to put our hope in God. It is only those that walk with God that have access to heavenly treasures. God is a jealous God Exodus 20:5, which is why he gives an open check to those that heed the command of walking with Him. Those who walk with Him has one characteristics in common “obedience”.

To walk with God is not an ordinary call neither is it an ordinary commandments, it require a total commitment on our part in ensuring our relationship is not tainted or blemish with sins. To be outstanding, we need to have an unwavering relationship with him. God is a jealous God he doesn’t share is glory with any man. Joshua asked the Israelite a question… Choose you today whom you will serve as for me and mine house we shall serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15. Where is your hope and who do you trust to walk with? God or man? Man will fail you but walking with God alone will give you the hope and future you need, why ought ye between two opinions? Why do you want to lose your life when you have all it takes to get to heaven? Your decision today will determine your destiny. Choose life else you will live a wasted life.


Born to Reign

Preacher: Bro. Emeka Ofor
Date: July 12th, 2015

Youth Sunday: Love is Needed

A unique message about love is all we need to make a relationship work. Love is not bed of roses of pleasurable emotions but sacrificially painful to show to others. In this youth Sunday service, Bro. Timothy critically unveiled the truth of Love and his words pierce through, as a decisive tool, the realm of marriage and relationship. The message is very necessary for anyone who desire to love.


Preacher: Bro. Timothy
Date: June 28th, 2015


A message to all fathers. Happy listening.


Preacher: Bro. Kayode Coker
Date: June 21st, 2015


Preacher: Sister Apena
Date: June 14th, 2015

Capacity for Sufficient Grace

Preacher: Bro. Emmanuel Omotayo Akande
Date: May 24th, 2015


Common grace is generic but not enough. It is used for every mankind in fact, all a sundry are entitle to possess such Grace. Have you wondered why some unbelievers receive some measure of grace? Religions, race or sexual affiliations doesn’t matter when it comes to such grace.  Common grace is God’s continual care for all creation, providing for his creatures’ needs. Through common grace God restrains humanity from utter debauchery (sin) and maintains order and some sense of beauty, morality, and goodness in society’s consciousness. However, sufficient grace is SPECIFIC, UNIQUE and PECULIAR. Sufficient grace is directed to the believers and not the sinners. Sufficient grace is not so common and is for those who are in Christ only. Unfortunately, some believers seem not to be entitled and when presented with such an opportunity, it was misappropriated because of lack of capacity. Common grace is not necessarily earned, it’s GIVEN but sufficient grace is earned.

This message reveals why Christians failed to justify the measure of grace. The message also unveiled intense capacity that is required to reach and maintain sufficient. Listen to this message and I assure you, you will never remain the same again.

God’s Grace

Preacher: Bro. Femi Bolarinwa
Date: May 17th, 2015



God’s Grace

Preacher: Bro. Femi Bolarinwa
Date: May 17th, 2015



Attaining Spiritual Maturity

Preacher: Bro. Kayode Coker
Date: May 3rd, 2015



High Place

High Places could mean different things at different times for different purposes but anything you place before God could constitute high places. To gain more insights as to whether you have high places, this message is therefore prescribe.


Preacher: Bro. Tayo Owoeye
Date: April 19th, 2015

Unity in The Church

Unity in the church is a message for church spiritual’s growth. Your life will never remain the same after listening to this unique sermon. Happy listening.

Preacher: Bro. Femi Bolarinwa
Date: March 29th, 2015

Pleasing God

A message like this is what all a sundry would like to listen to at this crucial moments.

Preacher: Bro. Emeka Ofor
Date: 22nd March, 2015

Positioning For Success

Why are you limiting yourself when God is lifting you up? perhaps your current position is inhibiting you from reaching your goal, in this message, Pastor Oni established a fact that reaching our goals are hinge upon our position. You need to listen to this message to fathom why you have not reach the goldmine of success afterall.

Preacher: Pastor John Oni
Date: 8th March, 2015

Men of Like Passion

Men of like passion detail the account of personal and spiritual characteristics of men and women in the bible whose life mirror how Christians should live today.

Preacher: Bro. Femi Bolarinwa
Date: 1st March, 2015